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Why Investing in Emerging Cities is a Wise Option

While metro cities are struggling with overpopulation and lack of space, it is Properties in upcoming locations that are emerging, taking forward India’s economy. According to a Forbes article, many tier-II cities have developed into attractive investment hubs. The Smart City Council reports that 18 new cities with multi-million dollar foreign investments have come up, along with 72 new class I towns. If one wants maximum returns on his investments then emerging locations are the best option. We have carefully analysed & followed different emerging locations in India and are suggesting you the best pick among all 

Properties in upcoming locations become attractive for investors because of concentrated efforts by the government, including investment-friendly reforms and development of adequate infrastructure. And then there’s willing and educated manpower, investor support, easier land acquisition laws, and emerging health care and road infrastructure.

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Boasting  state of the art technology and infrastructure , the first of its kind in India , the Yamuna expressway connecting noida to agra has opened new vistas of development & real estate activity  for the Agra region so it holds promise.

Agra’s development plan seeks to utilize the city’s potential for improving the economy by strengthening its physical and social infrastructure. Real estate developers are introducing neo-age residential apartments and townships to Agra. 

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Dehradoon, a premier educational and institutional center with its serene environs, has always been a favored real estate destination. After attaining the status of the capital of Uttaranchal, city is experiencing rapid industrial and IT development, triggering real estate boom with growing demand for real estate.

It’s an ideal weekend home destination , Apart from this one can opt to spend their life after retirement a perfect city to settle in with green environment. 

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Bhiwadi Manesar

Bhiwadi is located is the Alwar district of Rajasthan, and is an emerging industrial destination in the NCR region. Located at just 40 km from Gurgaon, Bhiwadi Manesar area is witnessing a shift from its erstwhile image as a mere industrial area to destination with full-fledged real estate viability.

Bhiwadi is now acknowledged as an investment zone.  Bhiwadi-Manesar has been seeing improving connectivity with Delhi and Gurgaon, which has reflected favorably on its realty market.

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Chandigarh boasts of good infrastructure coupled with state of the art office campuses that are pulling in a good chunk of the migrant population. The city is dotted with many multistory buildings and SEZs. The positive signs are encouraging many reputed MNCs to enter the market and expand its IT sector.

The foreign investments have stabilized the realty market and have lured many property developers to come up with a good number of projects here.

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Jaipur is known as a pink city and one of the popular and the largest city of Rajasthan. People shall have great advantage to invest there because communication system is quite good in the city. Investment depends on the individual person’s opinion and their preference for the places.

Jaipur is offering quality education and many medical & engineering colleges have been started and functioning smoothly in recent times. 

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Lucknow is mostly known as City of Nawabs and in recently its real estate is growing fast enough to match that of Tier I cities. Because of the availability of large land banks, numbers of developers are taking interest in the city. The large availability of lands leads to sustained development of flats in Lucknow.

The city attracts both investors and end-users because of world class offerings and unmatched infrastructure in numerous segments.

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